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FALL 2023 Registration is Open!

 We are so excited to open our Fall 2023 Registration!  Register early and get ready for the fall!!!

Waldwick Soccer Association

The Waldwick Soccer Association has been in operation for 52 years. The Association is a Privately run, Independent  Soccer Soccer Club and Association that was originally formed in 1971. 

The Waldwick Soccer Association first organized in 1971 and incorporated as an Independent NJ Non Profit Corporation in 1976. 

WSA mainly runs a low competitive play level soccer program in the Fall season.   

The Association does not require try outs.  Registration each year is in a fixed window of time usually between March and June. Our soccer program focuses on a positive, fun learning environment and remains a development program for the Waldwick High School and Middle school teams.

Today the program consists of around  400+ (and some years 500)  boys & girls ages 5 through 18, ( Kindergarten through High School ages) playing on 25 - 35 teams and coached by a combination of professional trainers ( when and if available )  for the younger ages and 60 - 75 volunteer coaches.

The Association strives at teaching the game of soccer, focusing on teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play.

Players in grades 3 and above play against other local towns, affiliated with the Northwest Bergen Soccer Association (NWBSA), which s a rec travel league while the younger players play against each other in-town games. 

Waldwick Soccer Association is a sports club that is operated by unpaid volunteers.  WSA is run by volunteers who give of their limited personal time to provide a venue for youth to play organized soccer.  

As The Association is Privately, independently run and operated by volunteers , the association is not run by, or managed by the Town of Waldwick government. The association is not charter by the Town, it is not managed by the Town. The Association is not funded by the town. The Waldwick Soccer Association not funded by tax dollars.  

*Participation is subject and *conditional to abiding to the  terms of participation and codes of conduct of The Association.   

** Spots on teams in any given year are limited.  The Number of teams and available spots are limited by the number of available coaches and players committed and register by a set deadline date in Early June.   Also, Teams have fixed sizes in number of players per team for the playing formats of each age. 

So please, when registration opens in March or April, do not delay in registering and please do your best to register prior to JUNE and as soon as registration opens in March or April.

Waiting till July or August to try and register will probably mean the age group you are interested may be closed and your player  cant be placed. So please do not wait till July or August to decide to try and register and place us all in a situation because you were not able to be placed because you waited till the end of July or until August. 

Please note too - Registration to play, is  a commitment to participate and we generally do not refund if you decide to drop, even if you drop before the season as it creates issues for other people who have register and are committed to playing. 

 There are fixed max and min limits on all team sizes in all ages and we have fixed deadlines place on us to submit teams and vet coaches, so the earlier the better. 

 The Registration window will open in March or April start closing through the month of June and will certainly closed by July 31st. 


  • Veteran's Field
  • Waldwick High School